# Metadata

In Atsumeru the main emphasis is on filling your content with metadata. As much as possible. This makes it easier to find content, makes it faster and easier to explore descriptions/genres/tags/etc, and improves appearance of the library

# Supported metadata formats

# ComicInfo.xml

A metadata format invented for ComicRack application, which is no longer in development. Format is severely outdated and very limited in its original implementation, but is still used by some applications due to lack of an alternative

Atsumeru extracts ComicInfo.xml from archives during import and reads following fields:
Title Circles Summary Volume Year Month Writer Publisher Genre Characters PageCount

Due to fact that format is very outdated and it is almost pointless to expand it, an alternative metadata format book_info.json has been developed on which Atsumeru and Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) relies

# book_info.json

Format schema

A specially developed metadata format for entire Atsumeru ecosystem. Format supports a large number of metadata fields for every taste and allows you to fill metadata not only for comics (ComicInfo.xml was developed for comics) but also for Manga, Hentai and Ranobe

Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) contains metadata editor, which works with this particular metadata format

Atsumeru can also store and retrieve static unique hashes of Archive and Serie inside atsumeru object in metadata, which allow re-importing Archives and Series without binding to file path and without losing read history

# chapter_info.json

Format schema

Auxiliary metadata format for chapters in archives (one directory - one chapter). Supports almost the same set of metadata fields and allows you to organize a complex system of chapters in archives, each with its own unique metadata (relevant, for example, for Manga or Hentai magazines, which often contain chapters of different works)

# Metadata editor

Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) contains a powerful metadata editor in book_info.json format

Several convenient and transparent editing modes are supported:

  • editing imported Series and Archives on server
  • editing of local Archives (files)
  • direct editing of file book_info.json

# Editor opening

You can open editor in several ways:

  • from context menu of Serie.
  • from context menu of Archive inside Serie.
  • by clicking
    on top panel of application:
    • by clicking on file selection
    • by dragging file to the window

Metadata editor interface

# Editing

Editor is intuitive and provides access to all possible metadata fields in book_info.json format, but a little clarification is needed:

  • field Alternative title suggests writing title in your language
  • Rating field is worth filling in if you're linking your content to external database services like Shikimori (opens new window), MyAnimeList (opens new window), ComicVine (opens new window), etc. This field means a position of content in a rating of such services
  • field Rating means average rating of content on a ten-point scale with a floating point
  • Volume field is not available while editing Serie. Atsumeru will use this value from Archive metadata or try to determine it itself from file name

All fields have an extended context menu with additional functions:

Extended context menu

# Bounded services

At the bottom of window there is a section Bounded services, which displays a list of fields of external services supported by Atsumeru, which can be linked to content. It can be useful for fast binding of client-side content to tracking services like Shikimori (opens new window), MyAnimeList (opens new window) and others

:::c-tip. Each field has auto-complete functions. You just need to insert link/content ID into corresponding field, and second field will be filled in automatically :::

Metadata file book_info.json supports specifying any Bounded services. Specific list of services for Atsumeru has been selected at developer's discretion

# Obtaining metadata from external sources

Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) also supports metadata parsing functionality from supported catalogs. Parsers are available for installation in Repository, which can be opened by clicking on the top bar of application

To get metadata, in editor click on Get metadata, insert supported link to content in field and click


Interface of metadata obtaining window

If it fails to get metadata by link, you can paste HTML code of content page into field below and try again

# Saving

Once you have changed metadata, you need to save it. There are four saving modes when editing metadata on server:

  • to linked Archives (metadata is written to all Archives of Serie)
  • to external metadata files (in this case saving takes place to external book_info.json file, which is saved at path <current directory>/.atsumeru/<archive name>/book_info.json)
  • only into database (writing is done only into database without changing original files and without creating separate files book_info.json)
  • only Serie (only Serie is changed and only in database. Useful when only Serie needs to be changed without changing Archives)

Any method of writing metadata (except writing only Serie) automatically detects and writes volume numbers of Archives

Editing local Archives (files) and book_info.json always saves changes into file