Atsumeru (集める)

Free open-source self-hosted mangas/comics/light novels media server

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Easily organize your Manga/Comics/Light Novels libraries into categories/type sections. Edit/write metadata for your Series/Archives with new powerfull metadata format. Control server and edit your library with Atsumeru Manager (Windows/Linux) app

Supported formats

Atsumeru supports CBZ, CBR, CB7, PDF, ePub (with limitations), FB2 (with limitations) and Djvu file formats. Metadata for your library can be saved into ComicInfo.xml or powerfull book_info.json (designed for Atsumeru) files

Read & sync

Read your content with comfort and two-way history syncronization support in Atsumeru app (Android), AniLabX (Android) or Atsumeru Manager (Windows/Linux)