# What is Atsumeru?

Atsumeru (集める) - is a free self-hosted (opens new window) media server for manga/comics/light novels with focus on cataloging and collecting content, easy filling of Metadata and working speed

# How does it work?

Very simple:

# On what systems does Atsumeru work?

Atsumeru can run on any system where Java can be installed:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Most NAS devices

# What archive/book formats are supported?

Atsumeru supports import of these formats:

  • CBZ
  • CBR (including RAR5 and Multivolume Archives)
  • CB7
  • ZIP
  • RAR (including RAR5 and Multivolume Archives)
  • 7z
  • PDF
  • ePub (with restrictions)
  • FB2 (with limitations)
  • Djvu

PDF and Djvu are rendered on server side on demand, but the end client can download the actual files to read them natively on device

Although server can handle CBR, CB7, RAR and 7z, these formats are not recommended if you plan to write Metadata directly into archives

Server cannot render ePub and FB2. To read content in these formats, the end client must support them natively

# What image formats are supported?

Following image formats are fully supported:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • WebP (with on-demand support for conversion to JPEG on the fly)

Supported in limited mode (no cover cache and no support for conversion):

  • AVIF
  • HEIC
  • HEIF

Server supports conversion of WebP into JPEG on the fly on client request. The other formats are output unchanged, so the implementation of AVIF, HEIC and HEIF support is left to client developer