# Glossary

Archive - minimal integral unit of content. Represents data set of imported file (file path, Metadata, unique hash, etc.) that server operates with

Serie or content - composite structure from any number of Archives. Represents general data from all Archives in the given Serie. It is used to compile lists of imported content and contains metadata of this series (titles in different languages, statuses, authors, descriptions, etc.). Serie is always created automatically at the time of import based on its settings or certain standard forming rules. A Serie can only be edited or deleted

Chapter - atomic unit of Archive. List of chapters is generated automatically during import based on folders in root of Archive. One folder - one Chapter

From images in the root of archive also creates a Chapter with name of Archive itself. Try to avoid placing images in root if you don't like this behavior

Archive hash - unique identifier used by server and clients to identify imported Archive. By default it is created from path to Archive, but can be static, written in book_info.json Metadata, which allows to assign the same identifier even after moving Archive around the file system and not to lose Users reading history. This hash always has atsumeru prefix

Serie hash - is the same as Archive hash, but for Serie. It is created from path to directory with Archives. Can also be static from Metadata. This hash always has atsumeru-serie prefix