# Library

All imported content Atsumeru puts in a library. It is always single and global for entire server

Content can be divided into groups by using Dynamic categories or by creating an unlimited number of Categories and placing content into them

By default, all imported content is placed in Category Unsorted unless the content type is specified in Metadata

Library interface

Right-clicking on content card opens a context menu with additional functions like changing Category or editing Metadata

Content card context menu

# Dynamic categories

Dynamic categories - is a special function that automatically groups content into categories based on Content types

Grouping occurs immediately during import if content type is specified in Metadata or after editing Metadata with specifying/changing type

Category data appears if there is at least one Serie with required type in database and is automatically deleted if there is no Serie. You cannot directly manage categories (create/edit/delete), but you can change their order as you like

By moving content to Category it will no longer belong to a Dynamic category even if Content types match. This way you can get rid of unnecessary category completely

There is also a special Dynamic category - Unsorted. All content without specified Content type and Categories are automatically placed here

# Categories

In addition to (or as an alternative to) Dynamic categories you can create your own Categories and move content there. By clicking

on Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) panel Category editor will opens, where you can edit, delete and create new categories

Category editor interface

Category name must be unique

Selecting Edit categories from context menu of content will open a similar window where you can specify in which categories to put it

Content can be in an unlimited number of categories at the same time

If you delete a category, all content will be moved to Unsorted or Dynamic categories based on Content types

# Changing order of categories

Order of categories can be changed by dragging and dropping category tabs on the bottom panel of the application

# Metacategories

From all Metadata of all content on server, Atsumeru automatically creates Metacategories. This is a special section in which content is grouped according to formula <category> > <tag> > <content lists>, where:

  • <category> - one of the predefined Metadata categories
  • <tag> - an atomic category unit (e.g., individual author, translator, genre, etc.)
  • <content lists> - generated content lists that contain this <tag> in <category> in metadata

Metacategories work independently of the user, they cannot be controlled or directly changed (can be changed only when Metadata of content is changed). They cannot be disabled or somehow configured

:::c-warning. It is not necessary to use and/or maintain Metadata categories. Client's developer can choose not to implement this functionality or make it optional :::

# Sorting

Atsumeru supports a huge number of Sort types

Sorting By last read is a bit slower due to additional queries to reading history

Sorting can be used either with default content lists or combined with Filtering and searching

# Filtering and searching

# Filtering

Similar to Metacategories, from all Metadata of all content on server is collected lists of tags for all Metadata categories. These lists can be used for more accurate content selection

Nearly all Metadata categories supports multiple and/or exclusionary filtering

The quality implementation of filtering interfaces is left to client developer

# Searching

Server supports keyword searches on main fields (titles) and on all other Metadata fields. For example, if you search for Honna, server will display all content authored by Honna Wakou

For ease of processing and filling in Metadata in Unsorted category, Administrators can also search by file paths. It is no different from the usual search. Just use part of the path to required files as a phrase. For example, if you search by the phrase Rebirth, server will display all content whose path contains the phrase DC Rebirth

Full-text Fuzzy-search (opens new window) in not supported

# Content removal

Content can be removed from Library with help of its context menu item. Physically, the file is not deleted, but hides the Serie entry itself in database. Re-importing does not restore deleted content

You can restore deleted content by deleting directory from import where content is located and re-importing it