# Setting up your server

# Changing port

By default, Atsumeru starts on port 31337, but, sometimes, you may need to change it (port is busy, not suitable, you need to start several servers). To change port, add flag -Dserver.port=<port> to server start command, where <port> is desired port. For example:

java -Dserver.port=<port> -jar Atsumeru-x.y.z.jar

# Configuring advanced features

All server settings are made either through the configuration interface in Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) or by manually editing the atsumeru.properties configuration file, which located next to a jar file

Manual editing of configuration file requires restarting server to apply settings. Changing settings via Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) is made immediately

# Setting up with Atsumeru Manager

To configure server it is sufficient to connect to it via Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) and click

on bottom panel of application to open window with available settings, an example of which is shown below

Settings editing interface via Atsumeru Manager

A more detailed description of each setting is available in Setup with a configuration file

# Setup with a configuration file

The following describes available keys and their possible values, which can be changed in atsumeru.properties configuration file using formula <key>=<value>. Each pair must be on a new line

# allow_loading_list_with_volumes <true/false>

Allows loading volume lists along with read history for current user in `REST API' responses

Function is used in applications Atsumeru Manager (opens new window) , Atsumeru (opens new window)

and AniLabX (opens new window)
to display number of volumes and current user's reading progress on Series cards in the Series lists

By default: true

# allow_loading_list_with_chapters <true/false>

Allows loading chapter lists along with reading history for current user in `REST API' responses

Works only with enabled allow_loading_list_with_volumes

By default: true

# disable_chapters <true/false>

Completely disables reading and importing chapter lists from archives during import. In this mode server operates only with Archives and Series.

Disabling chapter import significantly speeds up importing by activating multi-threaded mode

By default: false

# disable_request_logging_into_console <true/false>

Completely disables logging of requests to REST API into console and leaves only logging into requests.log log file

Progress of importing and caching covers will continue to be displayed in console

By default: false

# disable_bonjour_service <true/false>

Completely disables server discovery service using Bonjour/Zeroconf protocol (Bonjour (opens new window))

When service is enabled, Atsumeru supported applications will be able (if implemented) to detect server in local network for fast connection

By default: false

# disable_watch_for_modified_files <true/false>

Disables monitoring changes of imported files in file system with FileSystemWatcher (opens new window). In this case automatic Search for new archives will be started only after deleting or adding new files

By default: false

# disable_file_watcher <true/false>

Completely disables monitoring changes of imported files in file system with FileSystemWatcher (opens new window). In this case, Search for new archives will have to be run manually after changes are made

By default: false